Monthly File Folders Subscription perfect for independent work stations
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What is it?

A monthly digital subscription with themed file folders covering a range of skills perfect for your independent work stations!

What's in it for you?


Plan themed months without having to search to the ends of the internet.  Keep things fresh with a new fun theme each month.


Stop spending your Sundays hunting around Pinterest and individual blogs to get new tasks for the week.  You get a month's worth of folders at a time.

What's in it for your students?


Includes multiple levels ranging from errorless to independent completion.  Give your students independent work at their individual ability level.


The format of the file folders stay the same throughout the year.  Skills and themes change but how the student works remains consistent so the focus is on learning the content, not a new type of task.


Every month students are treated to a fun new theme to keep your independent work stations fresh.

What skills are covered?

Includes but not limited to:

  • Matching and sorting
  • Letters and numbers
  • Beginning sounds and simple reading
  • Counting and basic math
  • Colors and shapes
  • Basic skills
  • Basic concepts
  • Visual discrimination

Current Theme: Summer

Imagine a Year of Themed File Folder Activities in your Classroom!

  • January - Winter
  • February - Pets
  • March - Transportation
  • April - Spring
  • May - Zoo
  • June - Sports and Fitness
  • July - Summer
  • August - Back to School
  • September - Fall
  • October - Monsters
  • November - Community
  • December - Food

7 Day Trial

$1 today and then $7 per month

  • 24 new themed file folder activities every month


$19 per quarter

  • 24 new themed file folder activities every month
  • 10% off monthly price


$67 per year

  • 24 new themed file folder activities every month
  • 20% off monthly price

*Annual Plan: Access is for 365 days - this level does not renew automatically

What special educators say about my resources

The resources I have purchased are wonderful. It saves me time in creating similar ones myself. It takes me so long on the computer to create them. So thank you - my students are enjoying using them in their learning.

I’m a teacher in SEN and relative of a child with autism. The resources on this site are cleverly designed to improve a child’s skills from one level to the next, whether it be fine motor skills, maths or wider skills. The designs are very clear and make the resources user friendly, and they are useful for any child to learn basic skills at home or in the classroom.

Yeah! It looks great - so user ready and, best of all, I don't have to try and spend the rest of my summer making one that will not look half as good!

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